Is it Safe to Dye my Dog's Fur?

Chemical dyes can be very harmful to dogs, but there are a lot of great alternatives to safely dye dogs' fur. There are so many cute styles that you can have fun with and play it up with your dog.

You should never use hair dye made for people, this would be very harmful to dogs. You can get all kinds of beautiful and bright colors of non-toxic, natural dyes specifically made for dogs. Opawz is a popular brand. The results are semi-permanent, so your dog's fur will go back to its natural color after a while. There are many other products designed to give a fun temporary color to a dog's fur such as hair chalk, colored hair spray, and colored pens. Always make sure to use products specifically made for dogs and for their pH level. Avoid their eyes and test a small amount on their fur first, in case they have sensitive skin.

If you want to go fully natural, you can also use natural dyes from fruits and vegetables, such as beet juice. This is a fun way to safely dye your dog's fur. As you can see in the dog above, a touch of pink on the cheeks can be an adorable look for a white dog. A little beet juice would be a natural and safe way to get this look. In addition, you can use food coloring to make all kinds of different colors of dye for your dog.

Every dog is different, some dogs love being groomed and wearing clothes and accessories. They like to be pampered and have their fur brushed and styled, and they love the attention that they get with different looks. Other dogs could care less and do not like to be groomed for a long period. Really, it is a personal preference, you can choose what works best for you and your dog. Just make sure to do it safely or get a professional to give your pet a colorful and funky new hairstyle.

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