How often should I groom my dog?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Have you ever gotten so busy, that your dog's fur got tangled and out of hand? It can happen, especially during the winter. Are you able to take care of your dog's fur at home? Many types of dogs require regular brushing. For many long-haired breeds, double-coated breeds, poodles/ doodles, etc. brushing their fur daily using proper techniques is important to maintain their coat. Focus on areas such as under the arms, the ears, around where the harness or collar is worn, the legs, and the tail. Argan oil is a great detangler and makes your dog smell amazing. Dogs with short hair still require regular brushing (at least once a week) to de-shed them and keep their skin and fur clean and healthy.

How often you need to see a groomer really depends on your dog's breed as well as the amount of maintenance you do at home. A groomer uses a lot of different tools and products that you probably don't have at home. We use high-quality, organic dog shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, a variety of different combs and brushes, special dryers, and much more. If you are too busy or don't want to brush your dog, then you may need to visit the groomer every 1-2 weeks.

If you are able to properly bathe and brush your dog, take care of their teeth, and cut their nails at home, then you may not need to go to a groomer very often. Most dogs that have fur which requires cutting will need to go to a groomer sometimes. If your dog has longer fur that needs a lot of brushing and some cutting, then it is probably best to go every 1 or 2 months. Some people choose to clip their dog's fur or cut it themselves. This really depends on your hair-cutting ability, just be careful, it is easy to cut a dog if you are inexperienced. You could have problems using the shaver properly and make the dog look uneven and even bald in some areas. Groomers often work hard to try to salvage a failed attempt at a home haircut. When it comes to washing your dog, choose an organic dog shampoo and conditioner, because they are made for dogs' PH levels. Make sure to use proper bathing and brushing techniques. If your dog has a long double coat and you brush and bathe them improperly, you can actually create more mats.

You can opt to cut your dog's nails at home, but be careful. If you hurt your dog once, it will be very hard to get them to let you trim their nails again, and they may always be fearful of this. Dog's nails have a quick (the blood vessel) in the middle of each nail. When the nails become too long, the quick becomes longer and the nail becomes black, so you cannot see the quick, and there is a greater chance of injury. If you use a nail clipper, you will need to just cut a little bit at a time and do not cut too much off at once. We prefer to use a gentle grinder, which smoothes the nail down gradually, without ever bleeding. This also allows you to smooth and shape the nail nicely. No more scratchy nails, yeah! If the nails are overgrown, black, and touching the ground, you will need to trim them every 2 weeks, until the quick recedes and the nails regain their proper health. You can even go all out and paint your dog's toes with some fun colors of non-toxic, organic dog nail polish afterward.

We recommend sticking to a grooming schedule to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Get your dog used to being brushed and make it part of your everyday routine. Train them to enjoy this time by giving them lots of praise, cuddles, and treats while you are brushing them.

As groomers, we often see clients who come in when their dog's fur gets out of hand and matted. This is more painful and uncomfortable for your dog, it takes a lot longer to groom them, and thus groomers need to charge accordingly. When you stick with a regular grooming routine, you can avoid this from ever happening again. Grooming your dog regularly at home and sticking with a regular groomer, gets your dog used to the process, keeps them clean and relatively tangle-free, and takes the fear away from grooming.

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