The Healthiest Diet Your Dog will Love

Every day at mealtime our puppy eagerly barks and jumps up and down as his daddy warms up his food. We mainly feed him organic raw food patties for puppies. These patties are a nutritional powerhouse with free-range organic beef and other great ingredients such as kale, beets, sea kelp etc. We choose the patties from Tollden Farms ( in Quebec at Global Pet Store. Tollden Farms also makes vegetable patties too, which can be a great addition to a dog's diet as well. There are also other good brands of patties we have tried in the past, which include turkey, duck, salmon and many other types of protein.

Henri, our Pomeranian pup had soft stools in the past. We were concerned and asked the vet about it. She said it is normal for puppies to have sensitive digestion and to give him a bland diet. We bought some cans of the soft Royal Canin Gastrointestinal food from the vet. We also include pumpkin, rice, peas and chicken breast in his diet. This helped his system get back on track.

We found that Henri digests the patties very well, just as good, if not better than the Royal Canin. When we ran out of his usual food and gave him some kibble, it gave him the runs. From now on, we just feed him natural foods such as rice, chicken or fruits and veggies that are good for dogs if we run out of his usual patties.

Besides the regular patties, it is good to give your dog a healthy meal such as vegetables, rice and chicken about once or twice a week to switch it up for your dog. You can easily prepare the same meal for your family, just leave it bland for your dog and add spice for the humans.

In addition, we feed him dental chew treats, our favorite is the Plaque Off ones. These give him nice breath. You can also buy plaque off powder to put on their food, just in case you forget to brush them sometimes.

Attached is a list of human foods that are good and bad for dogs. There are so many healthy foods that your dog will love, there is no need to ever give dogs junk food or food that could harm them.

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