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"Xiyan!" Su Jinyu called her again, and when he saw that she was reluctant to turn around and come back, he pressed down the restless thoughts in his heart, and he ordered his attendant to send Xiyan to the carriage. "Brother, I want to see no trace tomorrow morning." The footsteps stopped, and Xiyan whispered beside him. No matter how my brother wants to deal with the matter that I leave Hou Fu without permission and have no trace, please think twice. Xiyan has thanked you in advance. In the dark eyes like a dot of ink, Jin Yu's face was bright and bright. "I know what Xiyan means, and I know what you mean." Su Jinyu's heart seemed to be pressed by something, and she answered with some suffocation. Wrapping her cloak tightly, she breathed a sigh of relief and left with the attendant. When she reached the carriage in the night breeze, a familiar figure was waiting for her for a long time. "Qin Tianjian is here, too." The eyelids suddenly beat, subconsciously she raised her hand to cover, looking at the smiling but silent Chen Yi, Su Xiyan's heart inexplicably began to be nervous. A heavy rain suddenly, the whole Lanling seems to have become a rain city, how many years have not seen such a heavy rain,asrs warehouse, the flowers and plants in the courtyard are drenched listlessly. In front of the thin white curtain, covering Su Xiyan's eyes, can not see the scenery outside the window, only never intermittent rain one after another, as if she was cut off in two worlds. "How is the princess?" Outside the house, Su Jinyu stood with his hands behind his back, frowning even more as he looked at the tightly closed door. The servant answered hurriedly,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "The princess is all right. She still eats. She doesn't cry or make trouble, but she just refuses to speak." "Open the door and I'll go and see her." Rubbing her temples feebly, Su Jinyu took a step back in compromise. The man behind him patted him on the shoulder. "Brother Jinyu, it's better to tell the princess, or the princess will misunderstand you." "It's no use explaining Xiyan's personality. Let's go in first." With a wry smile, he stepped in. Su Xiyan, who was sitting in the window with her back to them, heard the sound and slowly turned around. After looking at them coldly, she turned back and just bent over and reached out to catch the raindrops falling outside the window. "Don't you say anything to me?" "Aren't you supposed to say something to me after you locked me up for a few days?" She answered with a slight carelessness in her voice. "Xiyan, I know you blame me again, but you've made a big mistake this time." He looked sadly at Xiyan, who stubbornly refused to look at him. "Calamity!" She suddenly returned, industrial racking systems ,metal racking systems, and her frost-like eyes swept over Su Jinyu and Chen Yi. If I was in trouble, then why do you want to lead to traceless, dare to ask my brother, where is traceless now?! Small palm clenched, she held back for a long time before she did not get angry, Su Jinyu trapped her for a few days, did not mention the traceless things, the seriousness of the situation she did not know, so she can endure to let Su Jinyu to see him. "Princess, no trace is now under the care of Chen Yi, please rest assured." Chen Yi on one side then answered her words. "Brother, Wuheng is the doctor I invited. Why did you give it to Qin Tianjian?" She could not help but step forward and ask anxiously. "Don't worry about traceless things any more." Su Jinyu interrupted her question in a deep voice. "As I said, I forced him to go out without a trace. Even if I killed anyone, it was because of me. I should decide everything. It's not Qin Tianjian's turn to ask about it!" Said in a harsh voice to block in front of her Chen Yi, "traceless is mine, the princess said not to give it!" -- I am the grand debut of the dividing line of the moonlight night -- Today 2 more, this month I will be diligent drops, well, I crawl away, everyone happy weekend ~ ~ ~ Ou also! [Provide! ~! Text Chapter 387 Traceless Chapter 38 I don't know what kind of situation the traceless existence in Chen Yi's calculation will bring, at least now she can't accept Jin Yu and Chen Yi's arrangement. "Xiyan, don't make trouble. Your marriage has been confirmed. Don't delay you because of no trace." Su Jinyu frowned because of her last words. "What do you mean?" When Xiyan heard this, he was stunned without noticing it. "You've been out for so many days, and you've been with no trace." He paused for a moment and then said slowly, "Your words and deeds have attracted much attention. Fortunately, no one else knows about this time. Rest in the house and wait for the wedding day." With a crash, Su Xiyan raised his hand and threw all the tea sets in front of him on the ground, and the best porcelain fell to pieces and covered the ground. "Hum, so what if I know, not to mention that I have nothing with him, even if I have something, I don't care what others say, but it's your brother who thinks the same way!" Her face was flushed at first, then suddenly changed, and her dark eyes gradually frosted. Hold the corner of the table tightly with your palm, press it hard, and the pain in your palm is painful. Su Jinyu also felt that his words were a little heavy, and he could not help but come forward and want to hold her shoulder. Xiyan, after all, you are the princess, according to seniority or the emperor's little aunt,shuttle rack system, so still. "That's enough. If my brother comes to tell me this, I don't have to say anything more. It's not wrong. But I grew up with my father outside the Great Wall. I didn't learn some of the etiquette of the palace since I was a child. I probably never had a chance to learn it all in my life. Fortunately, I can't stay for a long time. My brother doesn't have to worry about telling me this!" She spoke very slowly with a sneer on her pale face. But he deftly avoided his outstretched hand. 。


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