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"Fool." He shook his head with a laugh and took her little hand instead. Even if all the people in the world are against my love for you, I will be an enemy of all the people in the world, and I will not be unwilling to love you. His words are so sweet! She blushed with shame. There is a feeling of being infatuated. I know! But Your status is extraordinary, and as they say, I am different from your status. I can't help you in your career, but at least I want to lighten your burden.. She spoke her mind with sincerity. Whether we are together or not in the future, I don't want to be a burden to you when we are in love. She's not stupid! He looked at her affectionately and found that there was a beautiful light in her eyes, and every word and sentence was a moving melody, which was gently touching his heart. She is not outstanding, but she has a beautiful heart, he loves her more and more, even some infatuation. "Have I ever said that I love you very much?" His voice is so soft. She shook her head. I haven't said it today. "I love you." He branded his promise with a kiss on her forehead. When they were in love, a phone call interrupted their love. He said sorry with his eyes, returned to his original seriousness,Pi tape measure, and picked up the phone. Tang Xili looked at his side face when he was talking on the phone. I didn't expect him to connect the phone so charming. She looked so crazy that she didn't realize that her saliva was dripping down. After a while, he hung up the phone and returned to her with a heavy face. "What's the matter?" She asked, puzzled. "Look at his handsome face." The company informed me that there was a problem in the branch office in New York. His eyebrows are tangled together, and his eyes have a complex light. I must go abroad for ten days to deal with the affairs of the branch office. "Really?" She exclaimed, worried about him. Does it matter? What time does it leave? ?” "This afternoon." He took a deep breath, but he didn't expect that they would have to be separated for so long. Li Li,fish measuring tape, would you like to go to New York with me? He inexplicably wanted to imprison her in his side, and did not want to leave for a moment. She thought for a long time and finally shook her head. I still have a job and I can't leave it behind. She still refused, after all, the work of the marriage and friendship club is so busy, if she is one less person, they will certainly be too busy. He sighed. You really don't want to go with me? We won't see each other for ten days. 。” "There are telephones, computers, and.." She gave him a sweet smile. Your heart can make me feel that you are always by my side. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it? Although she was simple and tight, Fish measuring board ,cattle weight tape, she knew the general situation very well, which made his heart flow through a warm current and confirmed his intention to her. Wait till I come back. He kissed her on the lips and made a secret decision. When he got back from New York, he wanted to propose to her! 々々々 One day's absence is like three autumns apart. Meng Xia just flew to New York for two days, and Tang Xili regretted not going with him. Originally, missing will make a person feel very bitter, very difficult, and even some do not want to drink, do not want to eat, only his existence is full of mind. Hello! "Hong Cherry called Tang Xili, who was sitting opposite her, and saw that she had been so lifeless for two days in a row, which made her, an outsider, feel heavy." Have you sighed enough? So annoying! Why do people in love Are they all like this nymphomaniac? She couldn't help shivering. 。 If falling in love can lower a woman's IQ, she would rather not fall in love. How could he sigh enough! "Qian Xiaopan raised his little face from a pile of materials." Anada went to another country. Home, I see, her heart flew with it. "Then why didn't you go abroad with him?" Su asked curiously. Tang Xili pouted his mouth. It's only been ten days. I can't stick to him like a sticky candy every day. "She breathed again." Didn't I tell you about the party? They said I was too different from his family background. Destined to be a stumbling block for him all his life, if I continue to pester him so white, one day he will be tired of my boring, so occasionally let both sides have a breathing space.. "Wow!"! Clap your hands "Hong Cherry felt incredible and exclaimed.". "The naive Miss T'ang will grow up one day, but she didn't expect that she would have enough credits for love and that what she said would be logical and logical." "Cherry!" Tang Xili stared at her angrily and laughingly. " I mean really.. I'm really not sure if I can be with him for a lifetime. "So what?" Qian Xiaopan laughed a few times. At least you learned a lot in this love, didn't you? "Yes!"! Look how mature you've become. I've really grown up a lot compared to before. Su Yi also chuckled. The most beautiful place in love is not the end, but the process. Tang Xili took a deep breath and nodded. I know, but if I don't have a perfect ending with him, my heart will be very painful. "Don't expect a man to give you a sense of security." Hong Cherry said shyly that she advocated realism and did not understand romance at all. Especially a man like him, born to be a luminous body, where there is a woman chasing, if you care about these, then you will never have a sense of security. "I know!" It was a lie to say that she didn't care, but she was still afraid that he would be taken away by a better woman, so she felt uneasy. "Ha ha ha, just right!" Qian Xiaopan laughed out loud. He went to New York, which is the capital of fashion, and the breasts of foreign girls are huge. "Qian Xiaopan,Walking tape measure, you are anxious to see the world in disorder?" Su Yi saw Tang Xili's expression of crying out quickly and stopped their jokes in a low voice. Just saying. Qian Xiaopan shrugged his shoulders. But it's only been ten days. Even if it's true, you can turn a blind eye. "She sneered sarcastically." Hey, don't bully Xiao Li any more. Su Yi shook his head and sighed. She was about to cry. "It turns out that there is pleasure in bullying people." Hong Cherry sticks out her tongue. I finally understand why women always like to embarrass women. 。


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