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The structure of the report on undergraduate practice

Everything, as always, begins with an introductory part , inside which the goals and objectives, the object and subject, the regulatory framework and the very structure of the report are indicated in turn.

The general part is about the work of the organization, its state, and the special part analyzes the work of a particular department in which the student practiced says write my paper service.

Diary of undergraduate practice is no different from others.

Filling in the diary for undergraduate practice

The practice diary is a document that is a daily record of the trainee's activities.

It has its own form and filling rules. The title page contains:

  • name of the university;

  • Business name;

  • surname and initials of the student and head of practice.

The body of the diary is drawn up in the form of a table according to the scheme:

  • date;

  • a brief description of the work performed;

Filling in each column of the table is mandatory, entries are made in writing or on a computer. All days of the practice period must be in chronological order. Weekends and holidays can be omitted or write “day off” / “holiday” opposite them.

The second column is large in volume and contains the main activities of the student at the place of internship. It usually begins with the words "familiarized", "performed", "gained experience" and so on.

The last column is filled exclusively by the head or group of practice leaders from the enterprise. There are several options for filling it out which you can find out at page, but in any case, the signature of the responsible person is required. The manager can put an audit "Completed" and seal.

Tips for filling out a diary for undergraduate practice

It is better to fill out a diary for undergraduate practice during its passage, and not to postpone until the last day. This way you can correct and add information along the way, as well as consult with the head of the practice on issues that have arisen. Schedule all the tasks that you perform, even if they are small tasks like: getting to know the enterprise, talking with employees, etc. into the practice schedule. Completing a practice report is not an easy task. It is better to entrust it to an experienced author at service! Write conclusions for each task so that it is easier to write a descriptive part at the end.

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