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"Death to the maidservant, death to the maidservant!" Tong'er immediately knelt up like a frightened rabbit, shivering and kowtowing. You "Well, you didn't mean it, either!" Just as Zhuge Xu was about to scold angrily, the old lady opened her mouth first and looked at Chu Dan Mo in her eyes. There was a flicker of hesitation. Pain. Pain. The child.. At this moment, the unconscious Gong Lan Wan's confused voice of surprise sounded intermittently. "Child two words stimulated old madam, cruel cruel way:" Take a bowl again! Take a bowl again! "The old lady." The people present were shocked, and Mammy Guo tried to stop her, but as soon as the words came to her lips, the old lady raised her hand and interrupted her. Chu light ink raised his lips, his face was pale, and he smiled faintly at the blood that had been stopped flowing out again, and she even heard it. A "cooing" trickle. With Zhuge Xu's stop before, the bodyguard did not dare to take more, still submerged the bottom of the bowl, then stopped the bleeding for Chu Dan Mo. Stand down! This time Tong son got up and went to get it, but Zhuge Xu drank it back. Enduring the sharp pain in his brain, he stepped forward and took it with his own hands, not daring to look. Chu light ink eyes, quickly turned around, quickly walked into the inner room. Waner.. Zhuge Xu sat on the edge of the bed, carefully picked up the person lying on the bed, do not know why the hand with blood is slightly. He held the bowl to her lips. Ah-good pain- "suddenly Gong Lan Wan like a nightmare, a fierce struggle, pushed away the defenseless Zhuge Xu,hydraulic fitting supplier, originally have Some of his hands were unsteady and slipped out of his hands. The fragile blue and white porcelain bowl crossed an arc in midair and broke again, and the thick liquid burst on the smooth floor. Out of a beautiful plum blossom. Hehehe.. See this scene, the white lips of Chu light ink gently smiled, that light laughter, like the sunset. The next evening show is full of sympathy in regret! "Take another bowl!" That light smile, that string of cool laughter, for Zhuge Xu like a magic spell, let his brain. As if by a pair of big hands tightly pinched, stuffy pain of his several desire crazy! Zhuge Xu,14 tube fitting, since then you and I have nothing to do, in the future, you will do for today, regret for life! She smiled, smiled with relief, smiled with pleasure! Faint in an irresistible daze. Dad, you owe Zhuge Xu the grace of saving his life, but Moer has done it? -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- I repaired it several times, but I didn't dare to pass it on. Hundred () Chapter 25: The Death of Light Ink () Is Chu Yuntian single-handed training out, her skill can guarantee Chu Danmo travel north and south of the Yangtze River without danger, its high kungfu is self-evident. Zhuge Xu After Chu Danmo was taken by the rushing Fei Xi, he fainted in the irresistible pain and went away, facing the fierce, although the old lady took Cheng. Hundreds of elite guards, but still mantis arm when the car, will soon hit all the way to Gong Lan Wan's room. When Gong Lan Wan heard the news, she sat up because she was weak, then pushed the door and went in. She was as angry as if she were looking at a dying man. When the sword was lifted, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,tube fitting manufacturer, only a circle of brilliant sparks could be seen in Gong Lan Wan's beautiful eyes, and waves of sparks came from her face, until the last sword was crossed. A stream of blood gushed out. A blood-colored mist brushed his face, and a few drops of blood splashed into his eyes. Ah- "Gong Lan Wan a shrill howl resounded throughout Hou Fu, the sword is fast, so there is no pain when rowing, but once Stop, how can ordinary people bear the sharp pain of cracking? Gong Lan Wan cried sharply, holding a burning bloody face, the brain in that one. Carving has stopped turning, there is no woman who does not care about her appearance, especially the more beautiful the woman cares about! It was to destroy everything that this woman cared about, and it was cheap to kill her with a sword, coldly looking at Gong Lan Wan, whose mood had nearly collapsed. Will her cold line of sight fall on Gong Lan Wan or flat lower abdomen, this life has not killed an innocent person, but at the moment the wrist turned over, sharp. The cold sword flew toward Gong Lan Wan's lower abdomen. "Ding-" a touch of scarlet figure flashed, scarlet pity no matter how fast, although the moment of the sword, but there is still half an inch into the palace Lan Wan. His body was only picked up by Fei Xi and stabbed into his chest. Sister, Miss can't do it! Fei Xi did not wait to change her face and spoke first. As soon as he heard it, he knew that Fei Xi had been sent by Chu Danmo, and that her young lady had always been able to see people, and must have known how she was going to treat Gong Lan Wan. Send Fei Xi to stop her from killing innocent people! Efforts to calm the mood for a while, turned to lift the gas, jumped toward the courtyard of Chu Dan Mo. As soon as he left, people from the upper and lower levels of the Hou Mansion rushed to the small courtyard of Gong Lan Wan collectively under the random orders of the old lady who was frightened by the transition. Array in a hurry, wait until the old lady finally stabilized the situation, ready to go to Chu light ink accounts, received unexpectedly when Chu light ink was stabbed. News of death! All the people could not believe it, but when they saw with their own eyes the Moxiangyuan, which was full of signs of fighting, and saw with their own eyes the disorder of hair, one The body of blood holding the body has been cold Chu light ink, see was knocked to the ground under the body of Fei Xi lying on the ground of blood, can not accept this. News. This is a big thing, Chu Danmo's identity is there, originally took her blood, if not with Zhuge Xu in the support, but also to save. The reason of the heir, give her a courage she dare not start, after all, her rank is still under Chu Dan Mo, if not for the identity of her mother-in-law, she Also salute to Chu Danmo. But with Zhuge Xu is different, Zhuge Xu is the husband of Chu Danmo, married from her husband, and saved Zhuge Xu's first heir, this Even if Chu light ink is the real royal golden branch, take a bowl of blood, the emperor will not ask, but if this Chu light ink died absolutely. Not so easy to solve the matter, must be reported to the court immediately. But also through the people sent by the court to check carefully, everything is very different. But at the thought that Chu Dan Mo died of assassination, not of blood, after all,38 tube fitting, the old lady, who had experienced the wind and frost, steadied her mind and watched.


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